Cheaper International Calling from UK Landlines and Mobiles!

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Cheap Calling Abroad from UK Landlines and Mobiles. Calls appear on your regular phone bill.
Calling Abroad From UK Landline

Calling Abroad from your
UK Landline Phone

You can make fantastic savings when Calling Abroad from UK Landlines to Hundreds of Countries. Use our low rate access numbers to Call Abroad Instantly from any UK phone to hundreds of international destinations. Try our convenient, easy to use service to call abroad from landlines and mobiles.

Calling abroad using Access Numbers
  1. Dial your country access number.
  2. Dial your international number (including 00)*
  3. It's that simple. You're connected. Try it now!

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Cheap Calling Cards

Cheap Calling Cards

10% extra credit with a £10, £15, or £20 card.

Get a cheap calling card straight to your mobile phone. Pay for your calling card via Paypal and receive £11 credit to your mobile for £10, £16.50 credit for £15 and £22 worth of international call credit directly to your mobile phone for just £20.

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Calling Abroad from UK Mobile Phone

Calling Abroad from your
UK Mobile Phone

Calling Abroad on the move from your T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Orange or 3G mobile, or other popular UK mobile brands?

Make International Calls from just 0.5p/min using your Mobile. Simply send a Text
and receive credit to make
International calls directly from your mobile phone at amazing rates!

*This services works from popular UK mobile providers such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Orange or 3G mobiles.

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Calling from 3 Mobiles

Calling from 3 Mobiles

Cheap Calls for 3 Contract or PAYG users! We are pleased to offer our Mobile Short codes for 3G users.

If you are a 3 mobile user, get the benefit of cheap calls straight from your 3 mobile. No special SIM, top-up or calling card is needed to use this service. Just dial our 8 digit short code followed by your destination number starting with '00'.

  • No pre-payment needed
  • Call from 3p/min
  • Many Destinations
  • Convenient and easy
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